Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Selling YOUR Downtown Long Beach Condos-State of the Market-December 2007

Selling YOUR Downtown Long Beach Condos - State of the Market - December 2007

We are all painfully aware of the changes in the real estate market and that prices have been declining not just in Downtown Long Beach, but in most places across the nation. If you are considering selling your Downtown Long Beach Condo you must understand how critical pricing has become.

The Downtown Long Beach Condo market is flush with inventory affording buyers many choices. Naturally buyers are interested in getting the most their money will buy. Sellers who pay special attention to the desires of today’s buyer will fare better in actually attracting a buyer.

While it is understandable that sellers want to sell for as much as possible, denying what the market is telling you is a recipe for disaster. Many such sellers are currently unable to meet mortgage payments and are trying desperately to stave off foreclosure. Many of these units are now being marketed as short sales. Read more>>>>>

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